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Ken started his career as an entrepreneur at age 21.  He has led three companies since 1998.  He oversaw product design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales. Each of these companies experienced growth from 10% – 25% each year, in times of recession and prosperity.  Ken worked continuously on his businesses, striving to get the most out of them.  He partnered with manufacturers in the USA, China, Germany, and India. His original product designs led the market and were emulated by his competition.

 Ken also experienced the challenges of owning and operating a company. The kind of issues that keep you awake at night: financial struggles, partner struggles, and employee tensions. Through those years, he has come through with an understanding of the process, and the knowledge of what it takes to make a business work. Ken found that there was always progress to be made, and lessons to be learned that would make business excel.

 Today, Ken is part of EOS® because he cares about other business leaders who face these same difficulties. He finds joy in seeing companies get to the place where employees and leaders are unified. Where business leaders discover peace, and employees have a renewed satisfaction in coming to work because the right people are in the right seats. Where growth is healthy and exciting.

 As an EOS® implementer, he does exactly what he learned to love as a business owner, he says “I developed a passion for working on the business, rather than in the business.” Now Ken helps other businesses meet or exceed their own expectations with the Entrepreneurial Operation System®

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