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Helping teams get better at what they do through EOS Implementation and The 6 Working Geniuses Facilitation.

Since 2019

Meet our TEAM

Sonya Archer

Certified Working Genius Facilitator & EOS Integrator

Sonya has a wide range of facilitation and teaching experience from teaching elementary school on up to parenting education classes to providing many types of training such as business leadership, mandated reporter training, volunteer coordination and strategic planning. Having been an Executive Director for a non-profit for almost ten years before transitioning to an Executive Assistant/Project Manager for Georgetown Innovations, she has been able to successfully support business leaders with strategic and analytical thinking, process creation, coordination and exceptional communication. Her passion is to help businesses and individuals not only grow, but grow together in a healthy and fun environment.

Ken Kooistra

Certified Working Genius Facilitator & Certified EOS Implementer

Ken is an experienced business owner who has managed numerous companies and teams. His extensive background has given him valuable insights into the challenges and frustrations that business owners face. With his expertise, Ken can assist teams in achieving success while also improving overall fulfillment. He is passionate about growing businesses and transforming lives, making him a valuable asset to any team.


Professional EOS Implementer

For 25 years, Bruce has been a dedicated mentor to entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their business goals. From being a forklift driver to a CEO, he has experienced every facet of running a business and offers invaluable insights.

Greg Giniel

Professional EOS Implementer

I’ve been an entrepreneur since the 6th grade. I have started three businesses with my wife; one was a mess, and the other two are still operating. In 2017 and 2018, We were frustrated, worn out, and working hard, and we needed more profit for our efforts. Our companies were running us; it affected my relationship with my wife and our four boys. I knew I wanted to spend more time with my family and actually be in the moment for them.  I know what it’s like to have people come into my office, try to drop their problems on my desk, and walk out. They needed to become more accountable. Something had to change! 2019, I was introduced to my EOS Implementer, and we immediately started using EOS. We grew from a team of five to 22 over the next three years using EOS, and I got my time back.  This is why I’m passionate about helping married couples and family-owned businesses grow, strengthen their relationships, and get what they want out of their business!

Stephanie Tsatsos

Professional EOS Implementer

Steph has helped entrepreneurs accelerate revenue and growth for almost 2 decades – working with industries across construction and home services, technology, professional services, retail, education & healthcare.  She has also worked closely with the Private Equity community and enjoys helping entrepreneurs prepare for what’s next!